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USA TODAY Names 4 of CDI's Projects the 10 Best in the USA

Four projects built by Challenge Design Innovations were announced as winners in the USA TODAY Readers Choice Awards

We are very proud of the great programs run by our clients that are so very deserving of being recognized nationally. 

Congratulations to the winners! 

#2: The Gorge Zipline Tour

CDI ZOOM: Operation in the Era of Covid19 -- 20 May 2020

CDI ZOOM: Operation in the Era of Covid19 -- 20 May 2020

Gear Manufacturers' Statement Regarding Cleaning/Sanitizing

Gear Manufacturers' Statement Regarding Cleaning/Sanitizing 

CDI Presents this information as received from the manufacturer and is simply collecting them in one place for our customers' convenience. 

Manufacturers do not all have the same recommendations. Some may recommend the opposite of another.

It will be up to each user/owner to take the manufacturers' recommendations and reconcile how to put them into practice for your use/operation. 

Updated: 1/17/2020

NPR Story:

Still Disinfecting Surfaces? It Might Not Be Worth It


Covid-19 Operations Update March 30 2020



March 30, 2020 

Press Release: CDI Acquires Rocks Edge Gear


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