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CDI's founder, Jim Wall, built his first challenge course in 1980 with little more than a spool of cable and a coil of rope.

Nearly 40 years later, a lot has changed with improved technology and design, but our purpose remains the same: to craft imaginative and challenging environments that help others learn and grow.



CDI offers various customization capabilities for challenge courses. Choose from the following options:

    • Traditional Low Ropes Course
    • Traditional High Ropes Course
    • Team-Based High Challenge Course
    • Custom and Specialty Designs

Our courses can be installed on trees for an inexpensive and natural feel, or on poles, which require less maintenance. Choose from static or dynamic belay systems (or a hybrid of the two) and select from a variety of course access methods.

Each installation includes all necessary operational equipment to outfit your staff and participants, as well as an initial facilitator training to get your staff up and running on the course.


What is a Challenge Course?

A Challenge (or Ropes) Course is a series of mentally and/or physically challenging events traditionally built from cable, rope, and wood.  Elements can be low to the ground or placed at height between trees and/or poles where some form of fall protection is provided (such as a roped belay). Participants navigate or solve each event either individually or as a group, generally with the goal of building self-confidence and developing group cohesion.

The first ropes courses were originally designed to mimic the team and confidence-building benefits observed in naval crews as they navigated the masts and riggings of their ships. Since then, thanks to the inventiveness and vision of many great experiential educators, courses can be found at camps, therapeutic centers, schools, and military bases throughout the world.

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A selection of Challenge Courses designed and built by CDI

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