Tactical and Fitness

When it comes to tactical training courses, you simply wont find another team of more experienced and knowledgeable professionals than here at Challenge Design Innovations.

Our military product line is based on traditional Corps of Engineer designs and meet current TRADOC standards.  In addition, we work closely with each branch of the military to craft a custom design for new courses and replace old wearing courses across the country.

A few of our most popular designs include:

  • (Field) Leadership Reaction Courses
  • M-CAT & Air Assault Towers
  • Obstacle and Physical
  • Fitness Courses
  • Confidence Courses
  • Training Mock-Ups

Our installation crew has undergone extensive training, including at least 30-hours of OSHA training.  The Challenge Design Innovations team has over 6 years of experience working with government contracting offices and with our professionally trained design staff, we can provide engineered, stamped drawings of your completed project.

Traditional Form... Modern Function

The first military high ropes course was built in 1941 at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA. Early designs did not include belays, meaning a fall from height often resulted in injury.  Our design crew has put tremendous effort behind integrating modern fall-protection systems with traditional course designs. We have taken particular care to respect the original purpose and flow of each course.


A selection of Military Tactical and Fitness Courses built by CDI

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